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Capsular Closure

Capsular Closure

What is Hip Capsule Closure?

The hip capsule is a membranous fold comprising three major ligaments that envelops your hip joint and keeps the joint in position.

During hip arthroscopy the capsule is penetrated to improve access and visibility of the joint structures. Hip capsule closure is a procedure to repair the hip capsule after hip arthroscopy.

Why Do You Need Hip Capsular Closure?

Following arthroscopy, there is a possibility of developing instability due to capsular insufficiency. This situation can be avoided with an effective closure of your hip capsule. A capsular closure is usually recommended for young, active individuals and those who have signs of instability or laxity of the ligaments. Your doctor will ensure that you have adequate healthy capsular tissue for a good closure. The capsule is closed with sutures at the end of the procedure. There are various techniques that can be used to close the capsule effectively.

What Happens If Your Hip Capsule is not Closed?

If your hip capsule is not closed following arthroscopy, you may experience altered hip movement, deterioration in the functioning of your hip joint due to instability and cartilage loss (arthritis) requiring a hip replacement in the future.

How Does Hip Capsule Closure Benefit You?

Hip capsule closure helps:

  • Reduce the risk of instability
  • Restore proper hip biomechanics
  • Improve functional outcomes

Hip capsular closure is not recommended if your hip shows arthritic changes.